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April 9, 2011


I had a bad Dylan obsession from about '63 to '71, but dropped off with the first Christian period. Clearly the great composer (and performer!) has evolved and matured.

Sounds like a wonderful night, wish I could have been there.

No more obsessions, but I find some of the old songs rising up in my memory, unbidden, re-arranged for today and better than ever. When I was young "she's an artist, she don't look back" was always my least favorite of his more popular early songs, now I can hear it freshly and like it.

Gonna Change my Way of Thinking is clearly a Christian song. Were religious themes excluded by the government censors?

At this point, no one knows what was excluded by government censors, if anything- only what Dylan played. The set lists for all the recent shows can be found at Note that Bob often changes lyrics during performances. We do know that five songs were excluded when the Rolling Stones came in 2006.

Nice job, by the way. Your coverage of this is thoughtful and intelligent. i've read some really irrelevant crap about Dylan and the censorship stuff. losers calling him a sellout because he let them censor his set list. sorry, but if you play on someone else's turf, you play by their rules. he wanted to reach his chinese fans and did what he needed to do. maureen dowd doesn't have the stature to criticize bob dylan. All these people who say he should have done this or that while over there should just go over their and get their own selves arrested.

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