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May 16, 2011


Um, believe it or not, what the photograph MEANS, what it is about, where those ideas fit into art history and our concept of art history, has bunches to do with it being worth a lot of money. The explosion in our culture of post-modern concerns with identity and feminism and their relationship to our concepts of reality as formed by imagery was new in 1981 and Sherman was a pioneer in this sense. It's not ALL about rich people and money. Not very good technically? The postmodernists argued AGAINST a valuing or hierarchy of technical skill, so the photo is ALSO about that. Plus, as far as capturing specific types of archetypical or stereotypical imagery and their culturally associated technical aesthetics, it IS technically a good photo. These ideas subsequently influenced and reflected our culture all over the last 30 years.

If you actually studied the art and the body of the artist's work in context instead of just knee-jerk lambasting, you might "gather" a lot more. Yes, the market gets manipulated and not everyone will ever agree on significance - it is art after all - but that is nothing particularly new.

Just read a news item about Sherman's record price at auction being eclipsed. Not knowing much about the subject, I was curious about how photo art is valuated.

Like any good discussion (at heart), BOTH the original commentary by Jeremy Breningstall AND the follow-up (posed as a rebuttal) by Cary Wilson helped me understand things better.

I'll figure out whether or not I agree with anybody on anything after I learn a bit more about the subject and digest their ideas...Give me a couple of years and I'll get right back to you on that.

Thanks to you both.

I apologise for my english.

In my opinion it's easy to understand the value of this photo.

This masterpiece pass trough the medium and becomes art. It has the same appeal of an andy warhol picture or a lichtenstein work.

it's not just a photo, i don't undestand nothing about photography but when i saw this photo i felt the nice sensation of fresh wind i usually feel when i see an art masterpiece.

maybe you should learn to dream or something else i can't explain

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