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March 18, 2012


Since when did photographers care so much about how a camera looks? All this online blather about the look smacks of triviality/superficiality.

I thought it was the results that count? And in that arena, the K-01 delivers in spades. The best APS sensor compatible with the best APS-C prime lineup at a mid-level price is a unique offering.

Sure it's bigger than other mirrorless offerings, but few are slagging the Fuji for that, are they? Besides, plenty of folks complain that Pens and NEXs are too small. Throw a kit zoom on them and they look like a monkey humping a football.

Fact is, every camera is a compromise, from M43 (a step behind in IQ), to NEX (incomplete lens lineup) to Samsung (no track record) to the Fuji (price, and AF, if early reports are to be believed.) Add the K-01 (size) and you've got a shelf full of compromised cameras. Pick the compromise you're willing to live with and get out there and shoot.

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